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Create positive change in your life

Do you want to create positive change, find balance, calm and gratitude in your life? We all have the power within ourselves to create this positive change and may need guidance to find the strength in ourselves. As your life coach, I want to guide you to find the path to balance and create positive change in your life.

Life counselor Nivikka Brandt

My name is Nivikka Brandt. I am a trained master navigator and have worked in the maritime industry for 18 years. Today I am a development consultant in the Greenland Home Rule Government. I live in Nuuk, Greenland, with my boyfriend and my bonus son.

I am passionate about development, whether it is myself, others or organizations. I have a holistic view of life and believe in physical, mental and spiritual cohesion.

My wish and my dream is to contribute to positive development in the individual, so that they have the opportunity to give their best and can enjoy life, take care of themselves and others and achieve greater inclusiveness and thus balance in their lives.

I get my energy and my surplus from nature. It is in nature I feel most at ease and here I can reflect. When I give myself space to reflect, I make room for all the knowledge I have gained to become learning and experience. I want to pass that on.

We must invest in ourselves and set aside time and resources to create positive change in our lives. I believe that we all have the power within ourselves to create change and development. Guidance can help us find our way forward and I want to offer this through my concept, Coaching By Nature. I look forward to this exciting journey with you.


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Create positive change in your life

Why wait?

Don’t wait any longer to get started changing your life. No time is as good as now, to make the positive change you want in your life. Let me guide you to create the positive change.