When you buy an online course with Coaching By Nature you are bying access to the material online for one month. I will forward you a link and a password that you can use to access the page you have bought access to for one month. The courses starts the first of every month. All time first start on a course by CoachingByNature starts december 1st 2020. You have to buy acces to a course before the 1st. of every month to gain access to the upcomming month. You will receive a link, password and instructions when the payment has been completed.


Balance in life is important. If we experience imbalance in our lives, it can lead to, among other things, stress, restlessness, ingratitude, mistrust and emotional imbalance.

I can guide you to find balance in your life using various tools, concrete exercises and coaching conversations.

By purchasing this service, you get access to a process you must follow to find greater balance in your life. You will have access to the contents of the program for one month. It takes about 3 weeks to change a behavior into a habit, therefore it is important that you have set aside time and resources in your everyday life to be able to work with what is described in the course. You decide for yourself what feels right to take first, there is nothing right and wrong, feel for yourself and you will find the way forward.

1st month online access– Price: 250 DKK

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Do you sometimes feel that your life is out of control?

Do you experience different behaviors than you usually do or have several emotional outbursts that you are not in control of? It can be a sign of stress.

I can help you identify stress, guide you and give you tools you can work with.

Contact me for a clarifying interview where I will assess whether I can help you or can guide you if you need more than what I can offer here.

Clarifying conversation online approx. 30 minutes- Price: DKK 500.

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Here you can buy access to the course around stress. You get a program you must follow, as well as suggestions for other actions you can take in your life to prevent stress. I will give you tools and guide you to find your own path and what fits into your life.

Please note that this service requires a prior clarifying interview.

1st month online access – Price: 250 DKK

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Do you dream of having a child and for some reason do not succeed?

I can help you find peace, accept and make the process easier for you to be in.

With the concept of “accepting the unacceptable” I will give you exercises, advise and guide you so that you can be strengthened and find strength in yourself.

“Accepting the unacceptable” is a concept I have developed in connection with my own experience of unwanted infertility as well as losing before it has even begun. I am still in the process, so this benefit will evolve continuously with my own process. I myself have experienced peace and have found the way to be able to be in experiencing unwanted childlessness. I would like to share that with you. The service includes material you can read, references to free material online, reference to books and exercises that may be good for you. I hope that over time and by following this process you can find peace in yourself in your process. With purchase, you get access to the material for one month.

1st month online access – Price: 250 DKK


Do you experience challenges in your relationship? Have you or your partner grown up with parents who have not been able to serve as role models for you in their relationships?

Based on my own experiences, I have developed a course for you who want to work better in your relationship. The process does not require you both to work with the exercises and the tools I give you access to, but I would recommend that both parties agree that there should / will be changes in your relationship and that you can talk openly about the process. You will have access to the material which includes reading material, exercises and references to free material for one month.

1st month online access – Price: 250 DKK

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Besides  coaching interviews regarding the above courses, I offer interviews about work / life balance and general life guidance interviews. The conversations will be of approximately 1 hour duration, take place online and can be scheduled between 16.00-22.00 Greenlandic time. I speak Danish and English. 

Online conversation approx. 1 hour- Price: 750 kr. 

Create positive change in your life

Why wait?

Don’t wait any longer to get started changing your life. No time is as good as now, to make the positive change you want in your life. Let me guide you to create the positive change.